A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Grand Ages Medieval Chess Edition is a two-player strategic board game inspired by traditional chess.
The first main difference is that the pieces represent superheroes with super powers or advanced
abilities alongside their sidekicks, instead of the traditional pieces. Each different hero piece
has a unique power that performs a certain purpose. The sidekick pieces are there to aid the
heroes in their mission. The main objective of the game is to deliver a payload over to the base
of the opposing player by eliminating a specific number of their pieces, rather than eliminating
the king piece in the traditional chess. 


Btw that's the first game i have ever made!

feed backs are more than welcome

A quick demo in the link bellow


game description guide attached also in the drive  

Install instructions

1. Download .jar

2.Download the other attachment,  unzip , rename file to heros do not change any thing in heros, make the unzipped file in the desktop not any were else. 


btw it is in java runnable jar


Gamev0.0.7.jar 466 kB
heros.rar 21 MB


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sprites won't load in linux

but it looks great thankyou

try now!

The game looks cool on your video, but the sprites won't load on my pc :(


I guess there is a minimal glitch don't worry I'll fix the issue as fast as possible!